Kristine Alicia in the Press

Reggae Vibes: Kristine Alicia – Songs From Zion

Since Rory “Stone Love” Gilligan, who started his career as a selector on the legendary Stone Love Soundsystem back in the 1980s, tried his hand as music producer and founded his own RoryStoneLove and Black Dub Music labels, he has come up with quality roots music from, at the time of its releases, mostly unknown

Kristine Alicia – Songs From Zion

My first encounter with Jamaican vocalist Kristine Alicia was two years ago when she was featured on Rory Stone Love’s two one riddim compilations Braveheart and Zeen. She was responsible for two of the strongest cuts on those and I was blown away by her strong and confident voice. Now her new album has been


If music was a family, Gospel would be the prim auntie of Reggae; even though they are related, they don’t necessarily have a lot to do with each other! With Songs From Zion, the two are brought closer together, as the eleven tracks on the album combine these genres in a way that’s both natural